New Year's Eve Makeup Trends

It's *officially* almost 2023, and you know what that means: it's time to whip out your boldest, brightest look for one of the biggest nights of the year. So whether you are watching the ball drop with a few friends from the comfort of your couch or you splurged on tickets to THE event in your city, we have the trendiest, most glam looks to ring in the new year with. From the staple red lip that never goes out of style to the experimental eye makeup straight off of the runway, we've got the NYE trends and the products to make sure you are the belle of the ball.

Reverse Eyeliner

Reverse Eyeliner Trend

One of our favorite trends of the season—and one we're sure we will be seeing plenty more of in 2023—is the reverse eyeliner trend. Sharp wings in all of the jewel tones and neon colors our Mink Envy hearts can desire have been turning up everywhere this season, and this fun, colorful look is the perfect way to pop on NYE. But instead of applying your color of choice to your eyelid, this trend calls for a pop of pigment on or right under the waterline. 
But what to do if you don’t have your favorite bold color in eyeliner form on hand? You can always slay this trend with your favorite eyeshadow palette and a precision angle brush—and this way, the entire palette’s range of colors is at your fingertips. Our favorite palette to choose from? The Fantasy Eyeshadow Palette, which has all of the trending sapphire and emerald hues that have dominated our Instagram feeds and our favorite celebrity makeup artists' train cases. But if you’re feeling extra festive, try one of the palette’s magenta shades, in honor of the Pantone color of 2023.

Everything Jewel-Toned

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but jewel tones are a makeup-lover's real ride-or-die. Jewel tones are forecasted to be one of the biggest upcoming trends of 2023, so what better way to start the new year strong than with an emerald- or an amethyst-inspired look? Rather than just sticking to the waterline, go all out on color with our Fantasy Eyeshadow Palette. And if you’re really ready to step out of the box, experiment with the palette's citrine yellow shades and create a jewel-tone look no one will forget this NYE.
One rule of thumb: when going big and bold on your eye makeup, pare down your lips. We love creating a subtle, yet rich mocha lip to go with this vibrant trend. Create the perfect shape with our creamy After Hours Lip Liner in dark brown and finish the look off with our Mocha Lip Gloss—you'll love the delicious chocolate fragrance. 

Classic Red Lip

Classic Red Lip

One thing about owning the perfect shade of red lip lacquer? It will truly never go out of style. While the classic red lip may not exactly be a new trend, you can never, ever go wrong with the perfect, fire-hydrant red on NYE. Try our 3AM Lip Gloss Lacquer—because we know you’re not going home anytime soon after the clock strikes 12. Our pigment and our high definition shine will last just as long as your NYE does, no matter what time you come home. There’s nothing like a red lip to leave a mark on one of the best nights of the year (and whoever your midnight kiss is 😘). 

Beautiful in Burgundy

Burgundy Lips

If you love the idea of a statement lip but aren’t quite sold on classic crimson, red’s darker cousin, burgundy, is perfect for NYE this go-around. Dark lip shades are a fall- and winter-beauty staple, and this year, it’s burgundy’s time to shine. Get a crisp, clean edge with our Honey Lip Liner and fill in with our Last Night Lip Gloss Lacquer to celebrate the last night of the year.

Copper Accents

Gold and silver shimmer are a long-time staple of NYE glam—it’s been done before, and it will certainly be done again. And while we love a metallic eye for the holidays—well, really any time of the year—a copper twist on this tried-and-true NYE trend will help you stand out in the sea of silver and gold this NYE. Don’t let our Skin Like Gold Palette’s name fool you—it has plenty of gorgeous copper shimmers and neutral, nude base shades to create the metallic look that will take the gold—figuratively, of course. Pair this glam trend with our Chilli lashes to spice your night up even more. 
Whichever trend you choose to don this NYE, our faux and genuine mink lashes are the perfect finishing touch to your look. And because the last thing you want to be thinking about on your big night out is whether both of your lashes will make it home with you, or whether your lip gloss left the building with that last cocktail glass hours ago, we are meticulous about the quality and the durability of our products. We know you’re ready to dance the night away, and our products will be right there with you.