Becoming a Mink Envy Makeup Artist Partner

How to Become a Mink Envy Makeup Artist Partner
While Mink Envy is the preferred lash and cosmetics brand in the industry, our products are for beauty baddies and lash-lovers at every stage in the makeup game. That’s why we make our falsies so easy to apply! (PS. Have you tried our magnetic lash glue and strips combo yet? It’s truly a game-changer!)
But did you know that we also partner with professional makeup artists? Mink Envy offers a partnership for professional MUAs, just like you, interested in using our products on their clients and spreading the word about Mink Envy on their social media. We know that an artist is only as good as their tools, and Mink Envy lashes and lip lacquers will impress even the most demanding of clients. 
If you’re a makeup artist looking to partner with one of the leading lash companies in the industry, strengthen your social media presence, and get a few free falsies along the way, keep reading!
We’ve kept our process super simple, short, and sweet, for the baddies busy chasing that bag and building their legacy. But first thing’s first. Let’s talk about who is a good fit for our MUA partnership. 

The Perfect Fit

We are looking for established makeup artists with more than a few beats under their belt. If you’ve built a regular, steady clientele and you have the photos to prove it, you could be the next Mink Envy MUA. As we’re sure you already know, a curated social media feed with regular, quality content is crucial for growing MUAs. Because we want to spread the word about our luxe lashes and truly first-rate products, we are looking for artists with an extensive portfolio and a healthy following on social media. Does your feed reflect the frequency of the makeovers you provide and loyal fan base you have?

The Application

If you think you’re a good fit for our program and you’re ready to become a #MinkEnvyMUA, start the process by filling out our application. Head to and click on the “Makeup Artists” tab. Here you can see all of the boss baddies you will be joining as a Mink Envy MUA. 
First, create an account with our affiliate platform, share your social media handles, and answer a few questions about your makeup artistry. Don’t be shy—now’s your time to brag about all of the baller things you’ve done since starting your business!

The Agreement  

Next, the Mink Envy team will review your application and finalize your account! Once you’ve been accepted to the program, a Mink Envy baddie will reach out to you directly via email with our official MUA agreement. 
This agreement will outline everything and anything you need to know about your upcoming collaboration with Mink Envy, as well as all of the perks you can expect form your new lash partner-in-crime. Once you’ve reviewed the details of the partnership and sent back your signed agreement, we will ship the lash book you picked in your initial application your way. Pro tip: you can sign your agreement electronically using Hello Sign or Dropbox Sign. 
For new makeup artists, we offer a choice of the Extra Glam Book of Lashes or the Wispy Book of Lashes. Our Extra Glam book is for the makeup artists known for the biggest, boldest looks, while our Wispy Book is for the baddies who’ve perfected the art of the subtle, natural glam. A Mink Envy makeover is the gift that keeps on giving—because our bands are so high quality and strong, your clients will be able to reuse their new Mink Envy lashes up to 25 times after their event is over. Your new lash book will arrive directly to your business or your residence, complete with 16 sets of lashes—curated by CEO and founder Ashlee Sarai herself—to fulfill all of your lash needs and your clients’ makeup goals. 

Join the Page

Once you sign the official agreement, one of our team members will reach out for a headshot. Mink Envy will create your own, custom affiliate landing page with the picture you send over, complete with a unique link your followers can use to save 10 percent on their orders and earn you 10 percent in passive income. Just make sure to share the link to your landing page with all of your followers so they can save money while you make it!
And that’s it—we made our MUA partnership process just as easy and fast as applying our lashes! We know you’re busy creating bomb makeovers, building your business, and living your best life. We want to empower you to do all of those things with the best product on the market, easy, passive income, and the opportunity to grow with us. We can’t wait for you to join our team and to see all of the stunning looks you create!

And as always, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or comments—we're always available to chat at!