Using False Lashes to Accentuate Your Eye Shape

Fake Lashes for Different Eye Shapes

Mink Envy Lashes is proud to be known as the favorite lash brand for influencers and celebrities alike. While everyone loves the glam and flair a great pair of falsies can add to your makeup look, false lashes are certainly not a one-size-fits-all affair. Just like different lipstick hues look better on certain complexions, certain lashes pair better with certain eye shapes. And while most lash creators sort their product by length and volume, we’ve taken the extra step and developed lashes for specific eye shapes. While trends are always fun to follow, sometimes it’s best to stick to what looks best on your face and what accents and complements your natural eye shape the most. 

With that being said, Mink Envy lashes are not only cruelty-free, ultra-soft, lightweight and reusable—they are created specifically to fit your unique eye shape!

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes, sometimes referred to as monolids, are simply eyes that have more skin or tissue right below the brow bone covering the eyelid and part of the lash line. Hooded eyes can appear heavier or sleepier, and they are one of the trickier eye shapes to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to. However, Mink Envy lashes are perfect for this eye shape. When working with hooded eyes, you will want a lash with a dramatic curl and more length on the mid- to outer corner of the eye. Our best selling Aria lashes are the go-to for hooded eyes. If you are looking for more length, Vixen might be the perfect fit. Goodbye hooded eye makeup frustration, and hello bright, open, fresh eyes. 

Round Eyes

If you are lucky to have round eyes, you most likely have that fresh, doe-eyed look. But if you are looking to balance out your face with makeup, Mink Envy has just the look for you. In order to counteract some of the vertical space that round eyes take up on the face, Mink Envy has designed lashes to elicit a more almond eye shape. When shopping for lashes for round eyes, look for sets with less curl and the most dramatic length at the outer corner of the eye, like the Allura. Our lashes for round eyes will help you achieve more of a cat-eye look and widen your round eye shape. 

Almond Eyes

Almond is the most proportional eye shape to begin with. It’s defined as an eye that is twice as wide as it is high. It also happens to be the most common eye shape. Because it’s more proportional than most other eye shapes, it also has the most versatility when it comes down to lashes. You can either go for the round, Bambi-eye look or for a more sultry, mysterious, cat eye glam with almond eyes. However, looser, less dramatic curl may be the best choice for you. Ciara looked flawless wearing our Venus lashes on the Ellen Show. 

Now you know the best choice of lash curl, length, volume for any eye shape–but also lucky for you, we’ve organized our falsies by eye shape on our website too! No matter your shape or the look you are going for, we’ve got the perfect set for you. Makeup is not all about skill and technique. It’s also about picking the look that will accentuate and complement your own natural features the best as well. And while faux lashes are an amazing choice for anyone looking to spice up their look, not every lash is meant for every person! Mink Envy knows the importance of dressing, or in our case, applying lashes, for your shape, and now we’ve made it easy for you to do the same! 

With over 100+ styles available, we know you will find the perfect pair of Mink Envy Lashes for you!