The Official Mink Envy Holiday Gift Guide

Mink Envy Holiday Gift Guide
It's finally Purple Friday, which means it's the perfect time to stock up on holiday gifts for all of the bold baddies and lash lovers in your life. As the lash brand trusted by top beauty editors and the biggest celebrities and influencers, your friends won’t be able to thank you enough once they see the Mink Envy logo under that wrapping paper. 
We know you're all about a smart bargain, so we put together the best, hottest deals of the season for one special day only. And we've also put together this holiday gift guide for all of your friends who love a good slay. Trust us—Mink Envy is one of the best things to see under the tree. 
For Your Extra Dramatic Lash Lover: 
We all have that one friend who is ALWAYS up-to-date on the latest gossip and seems to be the first to know about all of the break-ups, make-ups, and celeb drama (okay, that girl might actually be us...). The Extra Glam Book of Lashes has your friend who loves all things extra’s name written all over it. In caps. With 16 pairs of our boldest, most dramatic 25 millimeter lashes, she won’t have any beef with this set. So go ahead, let her spill the tea on where to get the lightest, longest luxury lashes. It takes a special person to pull of these falsies, and she deserves the biggest, baddest set this holiday season. 
For the Friend Who’s Always Nonchalant: 
We all know one, and we’re all most likely friends with one: the girl who’s too cool for school. She has absolutely perfected the art of making everything look effortless, and that extends to her makeup as well. You can catch her slaying the no-makeup makeup look, so naturally, she loves a wispier, more subtle lash. The Wispy Book of Lashes is your girlfriend’s go-to. With 16 reusable lashes curated by our CEO and local lash maven Ashlee Sarai (it includes her OG set of falsies, the Sarai), your friend won’t even have to leave her vanity before her next event so she can go on being her fabulous, nonchalant self. 
For Your Extra Bougie Friend:
We all know her, and we all love her. This girl has champagne taste, and that doesn’t just apply to her choice of bubbly. Her money is forever burning a hole in her Chanel bag. So why not take her experience with luxury lashes to the next level? Even though all Mink Envy lashes are as light, as fluffy, and as luxe as the real deal, there’s nothing like real fur. We’re sure your bad and bougie friend will agree. For a subtle, more natural look, go for the Kay or the Bossy. But if your bougie bestie is all about her volume, give the gift of unbelievable length and fullness with our Fantasy or our Chyna sets. Lucky for you, our genuine mink lashes won’t break your bank account either–especially if you take advantage of our Purple Friday Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than being bougie and sticking to your budget. 
For the Makeup Maven: 
We all have that one friend who shows up to every function with a cut crease so sharp it could chisel rock. We’ve never seen her with a smudge, much less a false eyelash out of place. If we’re lucky enough, she’ll grace our faces with her talent on our fanciest occasions. But the secret that she’s been keeping from us all? Sometimes its the makeup that makes the makeup maven. So let’s get on her good side with the perfect eyeshadow palette for any amateur (or professional!) makeup artist. Our Fantasy Eyeshadow Palette will let your bestie create all the looks of her wildest dreams. Hint: our Skin Like Gold palette is perfect for all the glimmery and glittery NYE looks her heart desires. 
For the Lash Newbie: 
Maybe the girl you’re shopping for is not a lash fanatic…yet. But you know what she’s been missing out on and you have been waiting for the perfect moment to get her hooked on her new obsession. But don’t just stop at the lash: set your friend up for falsie success with all of the essentials to make application the breeze it should be. Our top-rated waterproof lash adhesiveis a staple for any lash lover with its extra-strength formula and its precision applicator wand. Just don’t forget to tell your bestie that Mink Envy lashes are reusable up to 25 times, or to get her our luxurious lash bath so she can keep her new falsies clean between uses! 
For the Vegan Bestie: 
We love our animal rights, sustainability activist bestie—she couldn’t even hurt a fly. Which is why she doesn’t wear products that contain ingredients like carmine (did you know the dye in most of the beautiful red lip products we love comes from insects?). What your vegan friend probably already knows is that most makeup brands use sneaky, animal-based ingredients. And unfortunately, those that don’t that cost an arm and a leg. Our brand new vegan lip gloss line has all of the hydration, shine, and pigment she’s been looking for and none of the nasty ingredients, animal cruelty, or sky-high prices. And lucky for you, the line dropped just in time for our Purple Friday sale. 
For the Mink Envy Baddie:

If your bestie has phenomenal taste and loves all things Mink Envy, our Perfect Gift Sets are a present she will never forget. We know that you have a lot of Purple Friday shopping to do and sales to catch this year. That's why we put together a holiday gift set with everything your beauty BFF could need. Our gift sets include our clear Flawless vegan lip gloss, our best-selling waterproof adhesive, and our applicator. We've even curated two packages, one for our natural glam lovers, and one for those who love the biggest and boldest falsies. Our Exquisite Chic Set comes with five sets of falsies from 16 to 20 millimeters long, while our Exclusive Chic Set includes five sets of our longest 25-millimeter lashes. 
Spread the joy of Mink Envy this season and light up your friends’ holidays with lashes they will wear over and over again—talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Our falsies are perfect for the friend who tells it like it is and looks impeccable doing it. And our gift to you? Our exclusive, once-a-year Purple Friday sales to soften that Christmas shopping bank statement a bit. With these deals, you can even put a little special something in your own stocking this year ;)