The Mink Envy Difference

While there are hundreds of faux lashes you can get on the market today, created by dozens and dozens of beauty and lash brands, Mink Envy has set a new standard. Mink Envy CEO and lash maven Ashlee Sarai takes what her customers can expect from both her product and her company’s customer service to a new level. From the highest quality sets on the market to lashes customized for different eye shapes and different occasions, Mink Envy certainly stands out and above the rest. 

Promise to Perfection

And even though Mink Envy is now a national brand with multiple vending locations, I still package all of my lashes with love. I personally check each individual set for quality, and if it’s not perfect, it doesn’t ship. In fact, we hold our lashes to such a high standard of quality that they can be reused up to 25 times. We’ve even come up with the perfect formula to wash your lashes and keep them clean and fluffy for the next use. 
But what happens with the lashes that don’t quite meet my high standards? While we never sell lashes that aren’t perfect for the full price, we still offer the lashes that require a little extra tender love and care to our customers for a reduced price. Even if a set has the smallest of gaps between strands, we sell it at a very generous discount.  
But we’re not just all talk. We are so confident in our product that we offer a refund and return policy unheard of amongst other lash extension brands. If your new Mink Envy lashes don’t exceed your highest expectations, we will either give you a full refund or exchange your set with a brand new one. And you never have to wait if you do have a complaint or a question—Mink Envy has 24/7 customer service and support. 
Mink Envy has a long legacy of going above and beyond for its customers. Before I started the online retail portion of my business and invested in lash vending machines, my husband and I hand delivered lashes to our customers around Baltimore, my hometown and Mink Envy’s birthplace. And driving her lashes to her customers herself is not the only way that Ashlee goes the extra mile for her customers. She actively listens to her clients’ feedback and develops the lashes they ask for. 

Lashes for All Shapes and Occasions

No one’s eye shape or face structure is the same, so why should their lashes be? Mink Envy carries a wide variety of lashes to enhance every eye shape out there. From almond eyes to rounder eye shapes to hooded lids, Mink Envy has the perfect set for your shape. And the customization extends beyond eye shapes. We’ve designed lash extension sets for the beauties with glasses who hate the feeling of their lashes touching their frames too. And if this is one of your first forays into faux lashes, don’t be scared. We’ve got you on that front too with our beginner-friendly sets. 
Not only is there a Mink Envy lash perfect for every eye shape out there, Mink Envy lashes are also designed for all different occasions too. Whether you are looking for a more natural, subtle look to spice up your daily makeup routine, or you are going for a bolder, more fun look (check out our sequin, heart, and butterfly lashes!), Ashlee has the perfect set for your needs. 

The Best Brand Enthusiasts

But don’t just take our word for it. Mink Envy lashes have been discovered and praised by celebrities and editors alike, gracing glossy magazine pages and tv screens. R&B legend Ciara rocked Mink Envy lashes on her latest appearance on The Ellen Show—her makeup artist is a huge, long-time fan of the brand and Mink Envy products. Stand-up comedienne and MTV Wild N’ Out regular Jess Hilarious is also a loyal fan and advocate for Mink Envy lashes. And rapper, songwriter, and Love and Hip Hop: New York star Bianca Bonnie has been spotted sporting our lashes as well. 
And if that’s not enough, Mink Envy was just featured in the one and only Vogue magazine’s “Summer Hottest Picks” list this year, as well as in Harper Bazaar’s “Fashion and Beauty Picks” for the spring. And if that wasn’t enough to prove that Mink Envy has a loyal fan base for good reason, Girl’s Life Magazine named Mink Envy as the “Best Faux Lashes” in its annual beauty awards. 
False lashes are the new big thing in beauty now, but there’s only one company that will go the length that Mink Envy will for its customers. From high quality lashes designed for every eye shape, occasion, and application skill level to a CEO who still individually checks each set for quality and a refund policy incomparable among competitors, Mink Envy has set itself apart not only with its product, but with its business philosophy and customer service too.