Real vs. Faux Mink Lashes

Everyone loves the ultra-light, baby soft look and touch of our best-selling mink lashes, but not everyone knows where these lashes get their name or where they come from. As you may have already guessed, some mink lashes ARE in fact made of mink fur, but not all mink lashes are made from the real stuff.

What are mink lashes?

While there are genuine mink fur lashes on the market, manufacturers began making synthetic lashes to mimic the light weight and natural fluff of mink fur a while ago. And beauty lovers have been calling both synthetic and genuine fur falsies “mink lashes” since. So what’s the difference between real mink and faux mink lashes, and what sets them both apart from the other falsies you can find?
The two most common types of falsies in stores and salons are mink and silk lashes. And to add to the naming confusion, while some mink lashes are in fact made of real mink fur, silk lashes are always synthetic. Genuine silk strands are far too soft and fragile to be spun into lash strands. In reality, both silk and faux mink lashes are made from the same synthetic fiber, a type of polyester called polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). The main distinguishing factor between the two is the tapering of the lash. 
Mink lash strands begin tapering 2/3 of the way from the tip of the lash. On the other hand, silk lashes begin tapering only 1/3 of the length from the tip. But what does all this math mean? Basically, faux mink lashes are thinner, and therefore lighter. Just like real mink fur. And while you are probably not measuring the point from which your falsies start tapering, there is another, more obvious way you can tell whether your lashes are silk or mink. Mink lashes are generally shinier than silk lashes, but this also varies from brand to brand. 
So, why does Mink Envy stick to both genuine and faux mink, rather than another material? We LOVE bold, unapologetic lashes filled with enough drama to make reality show producers jealous. And because individual mink lashes of both varieties are thinner and more tapered, we can put more of them on each band, giving our customers that incomparable volume and intensity they crave. 
Now that you know the difference between silk and mink lashes (and why mink lashes are our number one choice!), let’s get into the nitty gritty: what sets real mink and fake mink lashes apart? 

The Real Deal 

While we carry both, there are a few key contrasts between real mink and faux mink falsies, as well as various pros and cons to both. The main, overarching benefit of genuine mink fur is its light weight. Is there a better feeling than putting on a pair of wispy, feather-light, authentic Mink Envy lashes? And while faux mink lashes are also very light in comparison with other lashes, there’s nothing like the real stuff. That’s because real mink follicles are actually hollow on the inside.
So how exactly does fur turn into falsies? The strands on mink lashes actually come from the tail of the animal. Just as strands of your own hair naturally accumulate in your brush after a few strokes, mink handlers collect loose fur that the animals shed by brushing the mink. But as you may have already noticed, mink fur is straight. The fur goes through a curling process, along with a few other steps, before it becomes the final product we are familiar with. After they sanitize, curl, and dye the fur, our lash experts manually arrange the strands by length and width on cotton bands before they are approved, one by one, by our CEO, Ashlee. 
Because mink lashes are so incredibly light, they are a great investment for those with thinner natural lashes as they cause less damage to the lash line. They are also a great choice for false lash newbies—they are so darn light that they are really comfortable to wear. We all know that heavy, droopy feeling in your eyelids after a night of falsies and celebrating maybe a little too hard. 
And because they’re made from organic material with natural variation, real mink lashes are extremely natural-looking as well. If you are going for a subtle look that almost looks real, genuine mink is the way to go. Genuine mink lashes are also extremely durable. And as one of the most durable lash brands on the market, we are all about that! 
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t downsides. Because the mink fur is permed during production, it starts to lose its curl after a few wears. It’s also not the most immune to chemicals. You will definitely want to keep your lashes away from makeup remover and soaps that contain glycol, among other chemicals (Pro tip: use our Lash Bath for damage-free cleaning between wears). And as always, with greatness come high prices. Because mink lashes are considered top-of-the-line, they also have top-shelf prices. 

Faux and Fab

Not only are faux mink lashes better for the budget, they are also lower maintenance. Resistant to both chemicals and heat, faux mink retains its shape well, and unlike genuine fur, it won’t fall back to its natural, flat form. As a brand with the curliest falsies, we love our faux mink falsies just as much as our real ones! Faux mink is also the clear choice if you are going for the biggest, boldest lash look Mink Envy is known for—you won’t ever get as much volume from real mink lashes as from their pseudo sister. And because they have more sheen to them, faux mink lashes are the winner if you are looking for a one-and-done falsie you can forego the mascara with. 
But because synthetic lashes are slightly thicker and heavier than their genuine counterpart, they can be tougher on the eyelid and lash line. However, if you suspect you may have any allergies to fur, they are the safer option. And while our genuine mink lashes are cruelty-free, faux mink falsies are completely vegan and free of animal products.
But at the end of the day, both genuine and faux mink lashes have their up- and their down-sides, and the best choice for you depends completely on personal preference and the look you are going for. If you are a natural beauty all about a subtle glam and the softest, fluffiest lashes ever, genuine mink lashes have everything you are looking for. If you are searching for statement lashes that bring volume, drama, and all things eye-catching, faux mink lashes are the winner. No matter what you go with, Mink Envy has the quality, durability, and luxury every single lash set should have.