New Year, New Makeup?

We all know that our favorite foods have expiration dates, and we take good care to throw them out once they've passed their prime. But most makeup products have best-by dates too, and it's just as important to avoid using expired products on our face as it is to avoid putting them in our body. Here's the thing: just as old foods starts to grow bacteria and mold, expired cosmetics can also become a breeding ground for microbes. That's why it's so important to avoid putting expired products near our eyes, our lips, and on our pores.

And what better time to clean out those cluttered vanity drawers you can barely open anymore than before the new year? You know what they say: "Out with the old, in with the new Mink Envy makeup." Or something along those lines at least. As the preferred cosmetics brand among professional makeup artists, celebrities, and influencers alike, Mink Envy has the quality products to get you right. So start 2023 with fresh goals and fresh makeup—your skin will thank you.

The easiest way to tell whether it's time to leave or toss old makeup is the PAO symbol. PAO, or Period After Opening, refers to the length of time after opening a product and breaking its seal that it's safe to continue using it. PAO is indicated by an open-jar symbol with a number on the inside on the packaging of most cosmetic products. The number on the inside of the jar illustration refers to how many months post opening it's safe to use the product in question. While some products may have an expiration or use-by date, the industry standard is to write the lifespan of the product as a PAO.

But we know how tough a vanity deep-clean can be, so we've broken down cosmetics by product type and lifespan in this blog. And we've even linked the best replacements to your tried and trusty products, which as you might learn, may be a little too time-worn, too.


Because most foundations are water-based, their lifespan is shorter than that of other cosmetics. Experts recommend tossing your foundation between six to twelve months after first opening it. The water factor of foundation formulas promotes bacterial growth, and using old or expired foundation can cause breakouts and other skin problems.

Another rule of foundation: toss products that have visible separation. When you see the oil in your foundation separating from the rest of the formula or pooling at the top, it's time to replace it. This means that the preservative ingredients in the formula may be less effective at preventing bacterial growth inside the bottle.

Eye Shadow

Though eye shadows are powder products, which usually have a longer lifespan, experts still recommend replacing your palettes every six to nine months. Because eye shadow is applied straight to the eyelid near a major mucous membrane, palettes are at a higher risk of becoming bacterial breeding grounds. Looking for a new palette to replace your old shadows and start the new year off right with? Our Skin Like Gold palette has all of the shades you need, from classy  neutrals for the office to fun metallics to ring the new year in with.


Like eye shadows, eyeliners are likely to transfer bacteria from the water line to the product and back to the eye on later application. That's why experts recommend keeping usage within three months after breaking the seal. Using contaminated eye makeup products can lead to itchiness, redness, and in some cases, pink eye. Eyeliner (and eye shadow) can grow bacteria and other microbes without any visible signs of trouble, so it's especially important to use fresh, clean products near your eyes.

If you are looking to replace your eyeliner, give our Magnetic Liner a try. Out waterproof, smudge-proof formula glides on with a creamy, smooth finish AND it doubles as a false eyelash adhesive. Pair this liner with one of our magnetic false lashes and take your look up 10 levels with just one easy step.

Lip Gloss

Because most lip products don't contain water, they tend to have a longer shelf life. Experts recommend switching out your trusty lip gloss around once a year since the product comes in close contact with the mouth. Experts also recommend switching out lip products after a major illness. As they approach their best-by date, you may notice that your lip glosses become harder to apply. If your lip gloss is coming out in streaks or globs, it's time to refresh your supply.

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It's far too easy to lose track of how many months that mascara has been in your drawer or exactly how long that lip gloss has been rolling around in the bottom of your bag. So take this as your friendly reminder to sort through your makeup this month and start the new year off with a fresh face...of fresh makeup. Not only does using old, expired products make creating that perfect holiday look harder than it has to be, it can cause unnecessary irritation, break-outs, and even illness. Invest in the best, boldest makeup on the market this year and shop Mink Envy for all of your cosmetic and lash needs.