Mink Envy Fall Lash Styles

Best Fall Beauty Trends with Mink False Lashes

After a long, long two and a half years of the pandemic, staying socially distant, and wearing masks, a big shift is coming to the beauty industry this fall. We can feel it in the crisp September air. Out with the "clean girl," no make-up look that captivated social media earlier this year, and in with bold looks and even bolder lashes. Now that can finally wear our favorite red lipsticks sans mask-smudges and gather with friends for glam nights out, we are going to be indulging in all the color and all the drama with our makeup this season. As a false lash brand dedicated to providing the latest and greatest lashes to celebrities, makeup artists, and self-proclaimed beauty gurus, we have gathered the top trends for this fall so you can stay the "it girl" that we know you are.


Barbiecore has become all the rage among celebrities, influencers, and make-up artists alike during the late summer, and we do not see this trend fading anytime soon. Think pink everything. And we have got THE eyeshadow palette for you, doll! Our Fantasy Eyeshadow Palette  has all the pinks Barbie could've dreamed of, from softer rose tones and shimmery peaches to the hottest fuchsia you will find on the market. With bright, bold colors that last as long as our lashes, this palette is perfect for your big fashion night out. You can pair this fun, hyper-feminine trend with any of our lashes—but if you are going for a true monochromatic look, our hot pink lashes are a  must, available in our glam color pack. Or try our High Saddity lashes, which Born2SlayMUA killed with this pretty-in-pink look. But if you are a true Barbz at heart, we recommend the Minaj.

Barbie-core Glam with Fake Lashes

Y2K Glam

Euphoria had quite the hold on the Internet and the beauty industry earlier this year, and we do not see Jules- and Maddy-inspired looks subsiding while we patiently (or not so patiently) await season 3. Especially not since the rise of the bedazzled, bejeweled, and bespangled Y2K beauty trend. Merging the old with the new, this trend is all about accenting the eyes and brows with dainty crystal, pearl, or gemstone appliqués. And while this trend is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity run wild, you don't have to look any further than Mink Envy's Icy lashes. We are crying (diamonds, of course!) at how good this look is.

Embellished Mink Envy Lashes

Vinyl Lips

But it's not just about the eyes. Red lips that are so shiny we are calling them "vinyl" are so in this season, evidenced by both Megan Fox and Gigi Hadid's Met Gala looks this year. And while red is always a good choice for fall, we are taking it a step further in 2022 with a shine so reflective you won't even need a mirror. But in order to achieve the vinyl lip, you are going to need a gloss just as strong and shiny as this trend. Our vegan lip gloss is not only high-shine, it's high-ly moisturizing as well. Because what's worse than wearing a bright pigment with dry, cracked lips? Not to worry—we've got you covered with our shea butter, vitamin E, and avocado oil-infused formula that's just as good for your lips as it is for the environment. 

Mink Envy Lip Gloss

Halloween Glam 

But we most certainly can't talk about fall beauty trends without covering Halloween glam. Everyone knows that fake lashes are a staple for any spooky look, and we have exactly the pair you need, whether you are going for sultry or scary this year. Our Ziva and Isla lashes have all the volume and length we're known for, plus with a devilish red streak. But if your costume is on the other side of the color spectrum,  our Nyx and Zoe lashes are a great witchy alternative. And for all of our ice queens this year, we created our stunning Alaska lashes just for you.  

Red Halloween False Lashes

Icy White Halloween Lashes

Disco Beat

Because we are so ready to hit the dance floor with our friends once again, sequins, glitter, and all things disco glam are predicted to be a dominating trend this season, for fashion and beauty alike. When designers like Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Alexander McQueen sent glimmery dresses and sequin-covered couture down the runway this fashion week, we knew you'd want all the shimmer and glitter to match. With touches of pastel sparkle, our Kandy 20mm lashes are a must this season, as are the Icy lashes (get you a lash that can do both!). But it doesn't just stop at the lashes. Dust some glimmer on your lids for a truly luxe look with our Skin like GOLD eyeshadow palette. Whether you are going for a cooler or a warmer look—or even a beautiful copper glint—our palette has the metallic shadow for your brightest, most captivating dance hall outfit.

Sparkly Fake Lashes Y2K Glam

Regardless of whether you're the first to rock the latest trends or if you prefer a more timeless, classic glam, Mink Envy has the perfect lashes for you, with the widest variety of high-quality genuine and faux mink lashes there is. No matter if a lacquered, daredevil red lip or a girlier, monochromatic look in pink is more your speed, we know that bold looks full of color and drama are in. And trust us, we've got all the drama (minus the application turmoil) you can handle with our lashes.