Caring for Your Lashes

Caring For Your Lashes
You might know Mink Envy for our unbelievable length, volume, and styles you can’t find anywhere else. But our favorite thing about Mink Envy lashes is their quality and their durability—did you know one single pair of our falsies can last up to 25 wears? When you own lashes as high intensity and fabulous as ours, who wouldn’t want to wear them over and over again? But the more you wear them, the more mascara, old makeup, oil, and dust can settle on them. Now we definitely don’t want to be putting any of those things near our eyes or on our delicate, sensitive eyelids. Luckily, we have just the product and the blog for you.
We’re sure you know better than to go to bed with a face full of makeup—even after the craziest, longest night. Similarly, you should never go to sleep with falsies on your face. Not only is sleeping in falsies bad for your skin and your eyes, it can damage the lashes your well. Rolling around on your pillow with your false lashes still on can cause bends and creases in the lash band, and it can even tear individual lashes out of the band. So always, always take your lashes and your makeup off before you hit the pillow—in that order. 
Makeup remover and all of the oil it contains can also damage false lashes, so you should always remove your falsies before you start wiping or lathering anything away. Start by lifting up a corner of the lash (you can begin at either corner of the eye) until the cotton band separates from your natural lash line. Grab the band and slowly, gently pull the falsie off of the lash line. If you have any trouble removing the lash or feel any resistance, dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and lightly swab the cotton band to soften up the lash adhesive. If you’re all about natural products, sweet almond oil or coconut oil are a great alternative to commercial makeup removers for this step. 
Now that you’ve successfully removed the falsie (without damaging the cotton band—congrats!), it’s time to clean the lash. Cleaning falsies in between use is crucial, not only to the longevity of the false lash, but also for your skin and eye health. Not only can the old makeup and glue stuck to lashes clog your pores and irritate your eyes, dirty false lashes are a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. Just as it’s important to clean your makeup brushes, washing your false lashes is not a beauty step you want to skip. 
The first thing you will probably notice on your used lashes is a sticky, clumpy layer of old adhesive on the cotton band. Remove that adhesive with your fingers, and avoid using any tools, as they can break or crimp the lash band and even tear individual filaments off of the band and thin the lash. Mink Envy lashes are known for their incredibly durable, high quality bands. Removing the glue from a used lash is when you will really notice the difference between a luxury lash with a well-made bad and a cheaper lash with a low-grade band. Keeping the integrity of the lash band is the key to a smooth, easy application the next time you don your lashes. 
Next, it’s time to wash the lashes. This is where our miracle product, our Lash Bath, comes in to play. But first, use our chic eyelash spoolie brush to comb through those lashes one last time to catch any larger bits of debris or eyelash glue caught in between the lash filaments. Our Lash Bath comes in a rich, luxurious foam formula perfect for gently lathering and cleansing delicate lashes, and feeling like a million bucks while doing so. It’s oil-free, so it won’t damage the band or the lash filaments like other cleansers or makeup removers might, and it’s also free of alcohol, sulfates, and parabens! Like all of our products, our Lash Bath is good for you, for your lashes, and for the environment. 
Dispense one to two pumps of the product along the lash band and spread through the ends of the lashes with our brush. Once you’ve combed through the lashes with the cleanser a few times, run the falsies under warm water. Keep brushing through the strands under the stream of water to remove the foam formula and any remaining particles of dirt or old makeup. After the lashes are completely free of cleanser, place them on a clean towel or paper towel. Once they’ve dried a bit, remove any remaining clumps of old adhesive from the cotton band. Pro tip: run your finger along the band to check for any more old glue. 
Once your lashes have dried, it’s time to admire your results. Your lashes should be fluffier, lighter, and more fluttery than they were before you washed them. Cleaning your lashes regularly not only prolongs their life, it also restores the qualities of mink lashes that set them apart from any other falsies on the market. The best place to store your almost-like-new lashes is in their original packaging. They should still adhere to the raised, curved platform that they came on, which will help retain their shape. Keeping the lash band’s original curvature will make applying your lashes next time that much easier and prevent that annoying falsie tendency to pop up in the corner of the eye after application.
And that’s that—the best and easiest way to wash your Mink Envy lashes. You don't neglect washing your face or your makeup brushes. False lashes should be no different. It’s so important to keep them fresh, clean, and bacteria-free, especially since they are worn so close to the eye, on some of the thinnest, most delicate skin on the body. If you take care of your Mink Envy lashes, they will take care of you and last you many nights of celebrity-worthy glamour.