All About Application

Falsies can make or break your big-night-out look, and they are a fast way to take your glam to the next level. After all, celebrities, beauty influencers, and makeup artists alike swear by Mink Envy's huge selection! With that said, they are not always an easy way to upgrade your glam. We all know the struggle: you’ve already perfected your contour and your cat eye, you’ve assembled a killer outfit, and you’ve put the final spritzes on your hair. The only thing left is the lashes. But between glue that dries too fast and glue that dries too slow, and the way it seems impossible to apply your lashes exactly the same on both eyes, you’re stuck wondering if you’re walking around with half of a lash strip sticking up (or worse, stuck on something other than your lash line) all night long. Luckily for you, we have a few tips and tricks (and a few amazing products, in addition to our award-winning lashes!) for a smooth, stress-free application, every time. 
Once you have your lashes of choice in hand (check out our article on choosing the best falsies for your eye shape), it’s important to distinguish your right lash from your left. To do this, hold the plastic box under your eyes with the lashes facing away from your body. When removing the lashes, which will be ever so slightly attached to their container with an adhesive, always start from the outer corner of the lash strip. ‘Why does this matter?' you may be asking yourself. It’s easy to accidentally bend the lash strip when you are removing it from its packaging, and it’s always better to bend the outer corner of the lash. 
You may notice that the false lash strip is longer than your natural lash line. You will need to cut the outer corner of the strip to match your natural lash line. That’s why we recommend peeling the strip off of the packaging from the outside–if a bend does happen in the strip, it’s best that it’s on the side that will get trimmed anyways. Mink Envy’s Best Metal Eyelash Scissors are the perfect tool to snip those strips–made from stainless steel in a chic rose gold tone, they are small enough for the detail work that is lash application and sharp enough for one-snip success. When snipping your falsies, line your Mink Envy lashes up with your natural lash line and count 2 to 4 lashes in from where your natural lashes end. Applying false lashes that are too long can pull your eye downward visually. 
We've all had that pesky false lash strip corner that pops up after application. No amount of careful tweaking will ever secure that corner after it has come unstuck—and it will haunt you throughout the night and every time you glance in the mirror. The reason the ends of false lash strips often come unstuck is that they lose their curved shape once they are removed from their package. To keep that curve and to avoid those pesky pops, roll your lash strip around a round object—be it your finger, the handle of a makeup brush, or a pen—and leave for a minute. 
The second most important product, besides the lashes themselves, of the application process is the adhesive. Mink Envy’s waterproof lash adhesive is perfect for easy application with its precision brush, waterproof, long-lasting wear, and clear finish. After applying a thin layer of the adhesive to the strip, wait for 30 seconds until the glue becomes tacky. 
Not quite confident in your falsies expertise yet? Try out Mink Envy’s eyeliner lash adhesive pen. A 2-in-1 product, the pen glides easily onto the lash line and dries within 10 to 15 seconds—the perfect amount of time to get those falsies ready for action. The adhesive pen also doubles as an eyeliner, so you can kill two birds with one stone and knock some precious minutes off of your makeup routine—we know you’ll need ‘em. It’s also waterproof AND lasts 12 hours, so you never have to worry if your lashes are still there after a quick run in the rain or after a heartfelt speech or movie. 
Once you’ve applied the lashes as close to your natural line as you can get them, you’ll want to close the gap between your falsies and your natural lashes. Mink Envy’s gorgeous lash applicator is the best precision tool to both place your falsies on your lid and seal your new lashes to your natural ones (and it matches our rose gold scissors)! The key to this process is coating your lashes with mascara beforehand. Fill your lash line in with eyeliner and put a final coat of mascara on both your natural and your false lashes. Voilà--luxurious lashes achieved!
Applying falsies can be a frustrating process, but it doesn't have to be. If you follow our seasoned advice and use the right tools, designed with years of expertise in mind, you should have a smoother time getting ready and a much better result. 
Here are some video links that may help you!